P&D web site is closed but for suppport.
Contact Helpdesk Profiling Brand Center volvo-profiling@volvo.com or below contact persons.

Signage and front office network

  • Ann Rosenbeck, (ann.rosenbeck@volvo.com ), Signage Matter Expert, Global, responsible for brand and supplier dialog and approval of new signage and closing the P&D web site, complains regarding lack of information, P&D web site or suppliers
  • Eric Bruntz, (eric.bruntz@volvo.com ), Signage Expert, Global, responsible for signage proposal and support with focus on dealers for all brand, checking signage proposal from suppliers, control of signage volume and warranty questions.

  • Local network member for first support in regions and as a link if local languish is needed.

  • Nordic , Robert Andreasson, (robert.andreasson@volvo.com ), Signage Specialist,
  • East Europe, Josef Olmr, ( josef.olmr@volvo.com )Signage Specialist
  • West Europe, Richard Martin, (richard.martin@volvo.com ), Signage Specialist
  • US and Latin America, Pam Wray, (pam.wray@volvo.com ), Signage Specialist
  • APAC, Mark Qin, (hua.qin@volvo.com ), Signage Specialist
  • Japan, Kiyotaka Owada, (kiyotaka.owada@volvo.com ), Signage Specialist

    Exterior signage

    Europe, Africa and Middle East

  • Rousseau contact person Dominique De Terline, Terline@rousseau-sa.fr phone nr. +332 32 06 33 00 Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Prolicht , contact person Andreas Janzen, a.janzen@prolicht.com phone nr. +49 5121 7502-78 Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Identity signs, contact person Nadine Freeman, Nadine@identitysigns.co.za , phone nr + 27 82 854 4587 South Africa and Africa
  • VDS signs , Contact person Alexey Rudenko, pmc@vds.by phone nr. +375 29 186 3298 Russia and Russian spolen countries


  • Pana sign, contact person Hill Yu, yu.xs@panasign.com, phone nr +86 139 5818 7519
  • Colorlux Signs Limited, contact person Kim Nauntofte, kim.nauntofte@colorlux.co.th,, phone nr. +668 1820 1120


  • Magna Signs International, contact person Gabriel Ghanem, gghanem@magnasign.com, phone nr. +1813 727-0205 Volvo signs
  • Allen Industries, contact person Betsy Swan, betsy.swan@allenindustries.com, phone nr. +1 800 967 2553 Volvo and Mack signs

    Latin America

  • Visolux under process and to be updated

    Interior signage

  • Interior signage Colorlux Signs Limited, contact person Kim Nauntofte, kim.nauntofte@colorlux.co.th, phone nr. +668 1820 1120 global supplier
  • Tellbe under process and to be updated

    Flags and table pylon

  • Is now handling by Volvo Merchandise www.volvomerchandise.com